New Larrisa Loden Jewelry!

Crystal BandaComment

I am so happy to be able to add new designer jewelry. One of those brands is Larrisa Loden. These are unique handmade pieces that are made out of brass and crystals for women who a little edgy, boho and classic.  With music festivals coming up these are great pieces that will complete and make an outfit. 

Pairing any of these pieces with a little black dress will sure make it a great conversation piece. Some of my favorite ways to style pieces like these are pairing it with a bold print. Or the easiest way to dress up any outfit of course if with great jewelry piece and a pair of heels. 

I would love for all of you to try out these great pieces and I hope you like them just as much as I do. Oh and did I mention they are eco-friendly! 

What are your favorite pieces and what kind of pieces would you like to see?

xoxo, Crystal



FASHIONCrystal BandaComment


For many years I have dreamed about opening my own fashion boutique and I am so happy that I am now at that point of my life where that is possible. I remember creating a business plan at school and all the hard work I put into it, after 4 years of collecting dust...(not really its a digital file lol) I can finally put my degree to work. I put my everything in my work as a stylist and blogger. And this is no exception!!!  I enjoy my work and having the ability to change someones perspective of themselves. I have always found that fashion is a key to becoming who you want to be. ALL A GIRL NEEDS IS THE RIGHT PAIR OF SHOES AND SHE CAN CONQUER THE WORLD. 

I want to invite all of you to take a part of this journey and enjoy what I have to offer! Thank you so much. -xoxo Crystal